Maya Green

Size: 4" x 4"
Dimension: W100 x L100 x H10 mm.
Pcs./Box: 90
Sheet/Bag: 10

Swimming Pool Tiles Series Keradol Antique is the glass glazed tile which is remarkable for its clear glazed surface with "charming crack" created by high temperature firing technique. Apart from that, the special property of the raw material in nature makes the coated surface clear and shine. Also, there are few black spots as in the traditional style which provides beauty to each handmade tiles which has different patterns.



Size : 4" x 4"

Dimension : W100 x L100 x H10 mm.

Pcs./Box : 90

Box Dimension : 330 x 107 x 320 mm.


Size : 12" x 12"

Dimension : W300 x L300 x H10 mm.

Pcs./Sheet : 36

Sheet/Bag : 10

Box Dimension : 324 x 319 x 122 mm.