About Company


Earthen Tile has been produced in Thailand several decades ago starting from a capital group realizing that the clay ore is very rich in Lampang Province, northern of Thailand. The group had started producing the earthen tile which is unique and is the origin of the traditional handmade “Celadon Tiles” which are beautiful but unstable, uneven quality and features. With knowledge and long experience in the ceramic tile industry, the founder of Keratiles Ceramic Co., Ltd. has the idea in combining the beautiful art work with advanced manufacturing technology to be used in the production of celadon tiles. They are characterized by high quality but still remaining the beautiful handmade original style.



Therefore, Keratiles Ceramic Co., Ltd. becomes the leading manufacturer of the country who can produce celadon tiles in the new style to be fired at high temperatures resulting with consistent quality, high strength, accurate size, low distortion, low water absorption, glossy and bright color and natural looks. Especially the crack of the tile is the unique beautifulness of our “Keradol” tiles alike to the precious jewel. Currently there are more than 200 shades we produce.


Our company focuses on the development of new products continually to the market to serve to various demands of the consumers. The quality is controlled with the international standard of ISO 9001 and the company also has been honored with the quality symbol of “Thailand Trust Mark” from Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce. Our manufacturing is friendly to the green environment by recycling the waste such as glass which is reuse as the raw material up to 30% in the production process. This can reduce the use of natural resources affecting the environment. At present, we distribute our products through more than 400 dealers domestically and export to more than 30 countries across the world in Asia, Middle East, Australia, and Europe.