Vanilla Lace

Size: 2" x 2"                                                     

Dimension: W50 x L50 x H9 mm.                                   

Pcs./Box: 180                                                  

Sheet/Bag: 10   

A Touch of sensible temper Reveals the graceful power of the heart. Crystal glazed face tile Burned at high temperatures, does not bend, strong and durable The color scheme is unique. The tile surface is unique. Is a special type of coating Tiles can vary high from one tile. Avoid cleaning products that contain acids and salts. Suitable for decorating and paving the swimming pool.



Size : 2" x 2"

Dimension : W50 x L50 x H9 mm.

Pcs./Box : 180

Box Dimension : 330 x 107 x 320 mm.


Size : 12" x 12"

Dimension : W300 x L300 x H9 mm.

Pcs./Sheet : 36

Sheet/Bag : 10

Box Dimension : 324 x 319 x 112 mm.


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